Reasons Why Apple MacBook Pro Laptop Repair is Expensive

MacBook Pro repair cost

When MacBook Pro was introduced, people expected it more innovative than other laptops. They said that it worth to have but other people related to repair companies said it a step backward. Their opinions are different because they are missing the point.

Comparatively third party repair companies are more vocal because they fear of losing their business. The issue has gone further than expected. Anyone with little or more knowledge of fixing a computer and its cost is worried. In this, those who are considering MacBook Pro should look after these points.

Costly Display Assemblies

This is not a good choice for people who are budget conscious and little clumsy. The most common affair is people dropping their laptop, means broken screen. Where other screen repair options cost less than 5k, the cost for MacBook screen repair will go triple of it.

Here is the difference –

In Macbook Pro, there is no separate LCD panel and Apple built it into display clamshell directly. It means the whole display assembly, not just the glass/LCD, is replaced. This ultimately costs you more because you’ve to pay more for the part. Also, if you consider new, cool hardware, it will cost you additionally just for the new display assembly, even without any labor charges to the repair.

RAM and Logic Boards

If you run out of free memory then your MacBook Pro needs to upgrade RAM, and the upgrade cost range from Rs 2700 for 4B, Rs 3300 for 8GB and Rs 6000 for 16GB.

On other hand, logic board replacement cost is more expensive for MacBook Pro, it may cost you around 38k to 40k. So it is suggested to get your logic board repair instead of replacing the entire expensive logic board.

Flash Memory and SSDs

Importantly solid state drives are more expensive than others. They are preferred more because they outperform all of apple’s stock options, even on much less price. With the new proprietary connector on MacBook Pro, it comparatively prices more (somewhere around 57k) for replacement SSDs. In this, someone like OWC manufactured compatible SSD blades can be a hope.

Swap Options or Depot Repair, Apple Care

For every Mac, Apple Care for Mac repair is a necessary evil because it adds more cost up front. This is not a wise choice for those who don’t want to stuck without a warranty for 13 months. The added warranty will protect you from everything but accidental damage and, seeing every component in this machine extremely expensive, it’ll save you more money in future.

There are also hope for Apple to offer competitive Depot Repair option to keep the cost down for end users. Apple allows customers request a Depot Repair for pennies on dollar in comparison to individual part replacement. Irrespective of the issue with your laptop, Apple charges $350 or less to repair its Mac series including MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro repair.

As Apple offers swapping for its ‘i’ devices like iPads, iPods and iPhones, it could be more economical if Apple also swaps a damaged device than repair it. There is no idea about this to happen at what price but Apple has surprised us in past.

Added Cost of Retina – are you ready to pay?

If you find that replacing your computer every year is in your budget then MacBook Pro with Retina Display looks a great machine. But if you’re like majority of the customers and would like to get 3-5 years time out of a new Mac, this machine is not recommended, seeing the factor of price keeps rising for every part in this machine.


Although Macbook Pro repair cost is expensive, Yet Apple MacBook Pro is still a great laptop, with excellent build quality and come with several ease of use features. MacBook Pro looks, without a doubt, very sleek and stylish. If you are not on budget, then it is a good choice.

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